Spring, April 2020
Digital Media

Through the digitalization of my drawings, my works seek to examine the image as a medium. First, I used ink pens to draw on paper the contours of hands, feet, and flora, which are the main subjects for this series. Then, I digitalized the hand-drawn works to apply color through Photoshop. Along with pen drawings to capture form, the added layers of nonrepresentational color combinations also function to construct the final images of my works. By integrating physical and digital techniques in my art making process, I attempt to experiment with ideas of the image through this exploration material and medium.

While the initial drawings were created by hand, the finished works each came to represent, in a single image, a particular subject. I used pen to illustrate the organic curves and subtle creases of the subjects. By transferring pen on paper works to computerized images, I could overlay the surface inside the hand-drawn black outlines with digital colors to accentuate the expressive characteristics of the gestures. By utilizing pen and Photoshop to create these images, I strive to portray the subjects of hands, feet, and flora through both representational aspects of form and also evocative qualities of color. For this series, I printed the finished digital images to also create physical copies of my works.

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