Object Figure, December 2017
Digital media

Exploring the concept of identity, I want to construct self-portraits embedded in specific memories. The objects I have chosen are connected to personal experiences constituted of actual places, emotions, and ideas that express, but do not confine, who I am. By representing household objects as heads of the figures, I want to highlight their assumed function and deviance from their original function to convey a multifaceted notion of identity. Through the juxtaposition between objects and figures, I want to represent my identity, not as a determined characteristic but, as an impression that reflects values.

Mostly recognized through a main function, household objects are used as a means to achieve an outcome. Although most objects are valued for their apparent function, they are not determined by it and can be utilized to accomplish other tasks. Through the depictions of objects and female figures, I want to convey my identity as a representation of various attributes and not as a limited role. By creating self-portraits based on past experiences, I want this series to express my identity as a metaphor to household objects.

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